The first week was all about ‘having’ a home. What that means, what that feels like, looks like, moves live, sounds like. While there were no community members present at the start of the week, Eva used the material provided online and she and the dancers would explore the themes of togetherness (the tap dances) and experiment various types of physical support, two people supporting each other, three, then entire groups supporting one person as they stood on the top of the world and let themselves fall into the arms of someone awaiting, outstretched.

Once the members of the community joined us towards the end of the week, we were able really to delve deeper into the specifics of what having a home means to each of us and it is amazing to hear so many different ways of ‘feeling at home’.

We’ve recorded all the movement and captured it on our wall. Together with the dancers we have named each fragment of movement, whether a solo, a duet or a group piece, a name which will help the recall in two weeks time when we have to put them on the streets to perform. We practices stringing these fragments together, playing them consecutively and side by side, creating narratives, visual storylines and then trying these out in sequence or looped on the streets.

Overall the work with Eva was tender and playful; she used music by Coco Rosie and celebratory Kletzmer to accompany the dancers in their exploration of the theme.

Valentina is the Assistant Director of Home.

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